Outdoor – Premium Sniping Experience

This packages goes far beyond the usual European shooting range possibilities.

You will meet an experience military sniper and 4 powerful weapons that are restricted for military use.

You will be shooting on 100 meters, 200 meters and 300 meters distance.


Per Person 5 or 6 persons € 369
4 € 377
3 € 435
2 € 550
1 € 899

Weapons & bullets

Tikka T3


Remington 700


Steyr SSG 08


Steyr HS .50

Steyr HS calibre .50


Also included

- The instructor is active military sniper
- 2 instructors for groups of 5 and more participants
- English speaking instructor or translation to English or German
- All safety equipment

Additional Information

This package includes shooting with:
- Tikka TX3 Warming or SigSauer M400 or Heckler&Koch MR223
- Remington 700 or Heckler&Koch MR308 or SigSauer 205 Phantom
- Steyr SSG08
- Steyr HS50 or Truvelo 50BMG

This packages requires 50% advance payment.

There is limited availability for this package and minimum 7 days advance notice is required.

Clothing and shoes for respective weather are required. The shooting is provided in open, although the shooting stands are covered by roof against rain (but not against wind nor temperature).

Total duration 4,0-5,0 hours.