Saiga 12K with Tactical Kit

The Saiga 12 is a 12-gauge shotgun available in a wide range of configurations, visually patterned after the Kalashnikov series of assault rifles. In Russia, homecountry of Saiga 12, this shotgun can be relatively easily obtained, requiring only a "smoothbore-gun license".  In other countries it's classified as an "assault weapon" as it is a semiautomatic shotgun. This shotgun has earned a high level of respect for both its lethality and its reliability. The Saiga 12 was produced in a handful of variants and can fire a wide variety of calibers, ammunition types and magazines. It can work in any climate. Russian special forces are primary users of the fabulous Saiga-12 series.


Weapon type:semi-automatic shotgun
Weight:3.5 kg
Calibre & cartridge:12 bore (.729)
Capacity:5 or 8 shots in detachable box magazine
Effective range:150 ft (46 m; 50 yds)
Designer:Izhmash Russia
Manufacturer:Izhmash Russia
Action:Gas-operated, rotating bolt