Skorpion VZ 61

The Skorpion vz. 61 is a Czechoslovak submachine gun produced under the official designation ''Samopal vzor 61''. The Scorpion is an interesting little weapon which deserved its place in history of firearms. As befitting a design from behind the Iron Curtain the Skorpion developed a reputation as a terrorist weapon in the West during the Cold War.


Weapon type:Submachine gun
Weight:1.30 kg (2.87 lb)
Calibre & cartridge:.32 ACP (7.65×17mm Browning SR)
Capacity:10 or 20-round curved magazine
Effective range:50–150 m
Rate of fire:850 rounds/min
Designer:Miroslav Rybář
Manufacturer:Ceska zbrojovka, Zastava Arms
Number produced:210.000
Action:Blowback, closed bolt
In service:1961 - present
Muzzle velocity:320 m/s (1,050 ft/s)